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Mercy rule:   When a team is up by 6 goals, all further goals will be recorded on the game sheet but no points will count on the official game sheet unless the gap is closed by the other team.
Alcohol:   Remember alcohol is not permitted before or during the game, infractions of this rule could result in Captains being suspended, players ejected from current game, team forfeit and possible team expulsion from the league.
Body Checking:   Players body checking will be issued 2 + game and if injury results 5 + game and if its severe enough a possible match penalty for intent to injury could be issued.
Game Sheets:   Please ensure all player numbers are accurate as there seems to be a lot of numbers getting penalties and points but dont appear on the roster.
Spare Goalies:   Please ensure only registered goalies are sparing and please ensure you write their name on the bottom of your game sheet as a spare goalie.
Verbal Abuse:   Verbal abuse to officials on and off the ice will not be tolerated and will be dealt with as a serious matter.

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